14 Things You Should NEVER Store in Your Basement (Here’s Why)

Photo by Africa Studio from Shutterstock

9. Brass and woodwind instruments

While you may want your kids’ instruments to stop cluttering up the living room, the basement isn’t the right place to store them. “The basement is the worst place to store an instrument,” says Lucas Workman, a brass repair technician at Siegfried’s Call, a New York-based horn outfitter.

“The big enemy when it comes to storing instruments is humidity. That moisture just stays and it can even affect the finish of the instrument. The residual water in them can grow into mold. The pads and the fabric in woodwinds can start to crack.”

10. Wine

It’s quite simple: if you really want to keep your wine delicious and drinkable, your basement—with its fluctuating temperatures—isn’t the space to do so. Changes in temperature and humidity can cause your wine to change dramatically in terms of both color and flavor, so it’s always better to store it in a drier, more consistently cool part of the house.

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