15 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 30 Years Ago

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The blogosphere has made quantum leaps since the early 1990s. Amanda Williams, author of the blog A Dangerous Business, shares about her personal adventures, ideas about how to travel smartly and information on how to make money as a blogger.

Williams said that it wasn’t a “sustainable career until the last five years or so when social media started to take over more traditional types of marketing and more brands and destinations began putting an emphasis on things like influencer marketing.” Through her blog and social media channels, Williams, like many other professional bloggers, makes money by attracting ads, engaging in affiliate marketing and working with brands.

You don’t need any formal education to be a blogger, but it does require excellent communication and writing skills. Writing and media jobs are on the rise — according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field should experience an 8 percent increase over the next 10 years.

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