19 Most Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

Photo from commons.wikimedia.org

4. His Student Deferments Meant He Was Never Drafted to Fight in the Vietnam War

One of the biggest arguments people use against Trump is the fact that he was never drafted in the Vietnam War due to numerous deferments, most famously for ‘bone spurs’. Despite coming under heavy scrutiny on both sides, Trump gave a statement saying “I didn’t serve, I haven’t served. I always felt a little guilty.”

3. He Owned the Whole of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant Company Before Selling It

His comments about women have angered millions of people across America, but let’s not forget that Trump owned the Miss Universe beauty pageant for a while. Now that’s what we call mixing business with pleasure!

He chose to sell it in 2015, however. The new owners? WME/IMG. Trump said that he was confident they would lead the company to even greater success than before. We can’t help but wonder what really caused him to sell the company.

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