19 Most Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

Photo by karenzhaocn – Unsplash.com

13. He Won a Razzie Award for “Worst Supporting Actor”

A lot of people point out Trump’s surprise appearance in the beloved Christmas movie, ‘Home Alone 2’, but did you know that he’s had a much bigger and impactful role in ‘Ghosts Can’t Do It’?

The movie follows Scott, an elderly man who commits suicide after a heart attack ends up taking a massive toll on his body. As a ghost, he then convinced Kate, his young and attractive wife, to kill a young man in order for Scott to possess him. We think you know where this is going.

Well, Donald Trump ended up playing as himself. Critics, unsurprisingly, were not big fans of the movie and ended up awarding Trump a Razzie award for “Worst Supporting Actor” in 1990. Ouch!

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