20 Celebrities Who Lost All Their Money

© Matt York/AP

Financial issues have continued to plague Wayne Newton for the last 30 years.

Wayne Newton had a few hits in the ’60s, but he made it big as a Las Vegas lounge singer and was even the highest-earning performer in 1983.

But by 1992, Newton was bankrupt and $20 million in debt.

Even though he made his way out of debt, Newton’s money problems didn’t stop there. The IRS sued him in 2005 for failing to pay $1.8 million on the sale of a house. Newton’s property, the 40-acre Case de Shenandoah estate, was seized in 2010 for reportedly failing to pay off a $3.35 million loan, though eventually it was agreed that the property could be turned into a public attraction.

Most recently, Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah – which had been used for public tours and events – was closed for renovations in 2018 with no current plans to reopen.

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