22 Things Your Mail Carrier Won’t Tell You, But You Should Know Anyway!

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They Put Good-news Mail on Top

OK, so this isn’t a rule but a lot of mail carriers do this. If you’re ever wondering why your good-news mail is on the top, that’s no coincidence.

A lot of workers really do care about the people they deliver mail to and they want you to start your day just right, so they’ll place paychecks, letters, personal cards on top. Bills, such as for utilities and credit cards? Those get pushed to the bottom.

There’s a Reason They’re Always in a Hurry

Like in a lot of businesses, certain tasks need to be done by certain times.

Supervisors will tell mail carriers how many pieces of mail need to be delivered, when they have to start the journey and when to come back. Then they also have to scan bar codes on mailboxes in order to monitor their progress.

Basically, think of it as a fine-tuned machine. Everything needs to happen at certain times and there’s little wiggle room involved. Don’t worry, your mail carrier doesn’t hate you, they just need to hurry!

They Have to Buy Their Own Stamps

Just because they work for USPS doesn’t mean they get free stamps. Think about it… if you worked in a grocery store, would you be allowed to pick items off the shelf to take home?

Some mail carriers might have stamps on them, and if you get one or two for free, it’s because they like you/ Maybe next time offer them a drink o their route to thank them for their kind gesture.

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4 thoughts on “22 Things Your Mail Carrier Won’t Tell You, But You Should Know Anyway!”

  1. Trish & Steve Hertel

    We are so very grateful to our mail deliverers and the entire team. They’ve been most helpful and wonderful folks!!! THANK YOU ALL for your service!!!

  2. Finally! Someone took the time to point out the letter carrier’s job in detail. I could add more as a retired letter carrier trainer, but you hit the major points in this article. I would add that when your mail is late, it could be due to a variety of reasons…sick call-ins, huge amounts on mail–especially on Mondays and after holidays, doctor appointments and more. A big one–Day Light Savings Time! Try being the new carrier attempting to find your mailbox in the dark…or playing dodge car for those who park in front of mailboxes and having to dismount to service your mailbox…there are over 11 actions for each box, and more when delivering in the dark. Thanks for this publishing this article!

  3. They are great people and like any other group of people you meet one once in a while that its a job but so rare.In my life I have had rural, walking,home ,apt with stairs carriers all the best.A few became friends

  4. We know all the mail persons who deliver to us over the years, give them a cold bottle of water when it’s hot out, and a nice cash Christmas gift in a sealed Christmas Card. Is a nice gift to them.

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