25 Things You Should Avoid Like the Plague When Shopping at Walmart

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23. Bedding

Since we are spending many hours in bed, we will most likely choose quality over quantity when it comes to bedding. And yeah, Walmart’s bedding prices are attractive, but, according to Andrea Woroch, a consumer savings expert, “the price for the quality is not really good.”

Rather than buying your bedding from Walmart, check Macy’s. You’ll probably find good options there that are both comfortable and inexpensive.

24. High-end electronics

Founder of Millennial Money Guide, Brian Meiggs, pointed out that Walmart is not an electronics store and is most definitely not a high-end electronics store. Yes, you can find cheap options there, but all experts think that it’s best to avoid Walmart when you want to buy certain electronics. Check Amazon instead. Or a store that’s dedicated to high-end electronics.

25. Photo printing services

If you’re looking for photo printing services, stay away from Walmart. There, you can actually print a photo for $0.25; however, you can also do it for free! All you have to do is to download an app called Shutterfly, which is really easy to use. Using this app, you can print as many photos as you want at no cost.

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