28 Underrated Movie Gems You’ll Want To Watch Tonight

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“The Warrior” (2002) — directed by Asif Kapadia.

Marc Samuelson, Chair of the BAFTA Film Committee, believes that many acclaimed British directors first gained wider public attention after receiving BAFTAs in the “Outstanding Debut” category. Seven of such films are currently screening in cinemas across the UK as part of the BAFTA Debuts tour. One example of this from previous years is “The Warrior” — the story of a lone warrior in rural India attempting to escape his violent past.

Documentary master Asif Kapadia’s debut feature-length film won two BAFTAs. “Before the BAFTA-winning [biography] ‘Senna’ and the BAFTA and Oscar-winning [documentary] ‘Amy,’ there was this sumptuous epic starring renowned Indian actor Irrfan Khan,” Samuelson said.

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