28 Underrated Movie Gems You’ll Want To Watch Tonight

Source: https://youtube.com

“Torrey Pines” (2016) — directed by Clyde Peterson.

“A brilliantly diverse piece of filmmaking telling an LGBT story in a unique way. Outstanding creativity and universal themes,” Olson said.

Source: https://youtube.com

“King of Devil’s Island” (2012) — directed by Marius Holst.

This gripping Norwegian drama was chosen by Blazing Minds founder and editor, Karen Woodham. “‘King of Devil’s Island’ is an intriguing and powerful movie that has you glued to the screen until the moment it ends,” Woodham said.

“Stellan Skarsgard puts on a terrifying performance as the warden of the boys’ prison in Scandinavia. It is based on a true series of terrible events that happened in 1915, which adds to the sheer power of the film,” she added.

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