5 Unusual Workplace Rules That Make No Sense

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1. War on coffee (and tea)

The English really do like their tea, so you can imagine just how upset the employees at a few hospitals in Leicester were when the management told them they cannot drink tea or coffee at the reception desk. The reason for this? Apparently, they got a complaint from someone that was fed up with the waiting time, and seeing the employees enjoy their tea upset them.

Somehow instead of addressing the long waiting times, the boss thought they needed to make the employees skip their beverages.

2. No religious words

Sometimes being politically correct, or trying to be, goes a bit too far. It is usual that when someone sneezes you will probably hear someone say ‘Bless you.’. Nothing wrong with that. Well, after an HR complaint, this company thought it would be better to just ban the casual religious words altogether.

With the occasional verbal tics, some have of saying ‘holy cow’, if you work for this company you can expect to be reprehended for it. It is a very petty rule, but unfortunately, it does not stop at one company as various organizations have this ban on religious words.

3. Chair height

In certain companies, you cannot adjust the height of your chair. Especially if you want to let it go as low as it could possibly go. It does not matter what the situation is, all the chairs stay at the same height. It could be argued that it is done to benefit the posture of the workers, but let’s be honest. It does take away the little freedom of being able to sit however you feel comfortable.

Not to mention, what if you’re on the shorter or taller side? Bet the management and their hatred for chairs with adjustable heights did not take that into consideration.

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