6 Bizarre Holiday Foods Around The World

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4. Spotted Dick

The name might have taken you aback, but do not worry it has nothing to do with profanity. It’s actually just one of England’s strange desserts. They have something with inventing unique recipes, much like this one. It’s a steamed pudding with candied fruit peel and currants served with warm custard. The recipe varies from household to household but it’s definitely one that takes the crown at the end of Christmas dinner.

Likewise, they also have a dessert called Eton Mess. A dessert that’s mixed berries with meringue and cream, just thrown together. If you are looking for strange desserts made from everyday things you can look towards England. They’ve got a bunch.

5. Smalahove

The traditional name might have made you question yourself, but wait until you hear what the dish actually is. In some parts of Norway, this holiday delicacy would be something most of us would not touch with a ten-foot pole. For them, it is nothing different from turkey and vegetables, but Smalahove is actually a dried, smoked lamb head.

Yes, you read that right. The head of a lamb takes quite a while to be prepared too. Most of the time you have to boil it for three hours prior to eating it. However, this is the tradition and if people have been eating it for centuries it must be good. As a small treat, sometimes they also cook the brain and eat it out of the skull. While we will not discuss the taste, as it could be tasty, this is one strange Christmas dish!

6. Lampreia de Ovos

This Portuguese dish is named after a fish. Lampreys are large fish that resemble eels, which have lots of teeth and are known to sometimes suck the blood of their victims. They’re used in numerous soups and fish dishes, as it is quite a popular ingredient. Who would have thought that such a dangerous animal would inspire a holiday dish?

Bakeries in Portugal invented the Lampreia de Ovos which is an egg-based dessert that resembles the blood-thirsty fish, together with candied fruit used for the red eyes. It’s become a holiday tradition and the scary-looking desert is now a staple for Christmas. If you are curious about this bizarre dessert you can definitely find some recipes online.

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