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Containing the Ebola Virus Outbreak in Zaire – Glenn Close’s Father

Glenn Close.
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Since we’re currently in the middle of a global pandemic ourselves we thought it would be appropriate to start with Glenn Close’s father. Dr. William Close, a surgeon who practices medicine in Zaire (now officially known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and serves as President Mobutu Sese Seko’s physician was responsible for containing the Ebola virus outbreak.

A small village near the Ebola River was host to the missionary hospital in Yambuku where it all started. Though the deadly virus claimed the lives of most of the medical staff, Dr. Close took control of the situation with unparalleled swiftness and bravery.

His efforts to contain the virus, coupled with the use of the relationship with President Mobutu stopped the virus in its tracks. Dr. Close was able to obtain all the necessary resources, halting the spread despite the fact that, initially, over 300 people were struck by the Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

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