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Co-funding Parenthood and Fighting for Women’s Rights – Katherine Hepburn’s Mother

Katherine Hepburn.
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How many young, talented girls don’t wish they could be more like Katherine Hepburn in looks, talent, and attitude? If, however, acting isn’t really your thing you could still strive to be more like a Hepburn- Katherine Houghton Hepburn, that is!

She was what kids today would label as ‘iconic’. She was the president of the Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association and her association with Margret Sanger pushed her cause forward with even more force.

The fear of conception is something that haunted millions of women, so Hepburn took it upon herself to do something about it. Launching the birth control movement, she and Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League. Later, Hepburn was even elected as the chair of the National Committee on Federal Legislation of Birth Control and often advocated the repeal of anti-birth control laws… which were, believe us, plentiful!

And what’s the American Birth Control League known as today? Planned Parenthood, of course. Women from all walks of life can now depend on the organization to help them with their contraceptive needs, information, and medical issues.

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