6 Celebrities Whose Parents Are Famous in Different Ways

Decoding Nazi Messages and Capturing Rudolf Hess – Olivia Newton-John’s Father

Olivia Newton-John
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It appears that Olivia Newton-John comes from a long line of heroes and geniuses- it’s no wonder that she’s such an accomplished singer and actress!

It all starts with her maternal grandfather, a Nobel Prize-winning atomic physicist of Jewish heritage named Max Born. His family were forced to flee Germany in the 1930s, settling in England. There, Irene Born, Olivia’s mother, met and married Birn Newton-John.

His knowledge of the German language landed him plenty of jobs during World War II, most of which involved decoding German messages from the top-secret RAF organization Ultra. He also helped Allied forces by translating Germany’s plans for the Battle of El Alamein.

Brin was also tasked with interrogating captured Nazis but his interrogation techniques were far from standard. He often gained precious information by wining and dining them until, in May 1941, he found out about a plane crash in Scotland from a witness. The pilot of that plane was none other than Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess himself, a leading member of the Nazi Party.

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