6 Of The Most Mysterious Places On Earth

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Easter Island (cont.)

Many experts believe that each head is supposed to represent the final member of one of the tribal family clans. How they managed to move these colossal effigies is still hotly debated. Many people have come up with theories and techniques to show how the native peoples could have moved these incredible figures, usually involving wooden logs as rollers or using rope to make them waddle like a penguin to their final destination.

As with most places on this list, the idea that aliens might have been involved has been put forward due to the size and weight of these figures, which clearly the Rapa Nui people didn’t have the ingenuity to move them, so the aliens must have levitated them into place. However, the Moai aren’t the only mystery this island holds, wooden boards with glyphs include pictographic and geometric shapes were also discovered and to this date, no one has been able to decipher them.

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