6 Pantry Items You Are Storing For Too Long

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3. Cereal

Cereal is one of those things that has a very long expiry date: sometimes it can last even more than a year. So when you buy those big family packs you sort of trick yourself into thinking that even if you do not get around to eating all of it fast, it will last what it seems to be a lifetime in the pantry. It turns out that unless your family is really large, or you can truly eat that much cereal with one or two people, it is not the best bargain too much.

Opened cereal starts going stale in about three months after you’ve opened it, and if you have some that contain nuts or grains, the oils in them will start to go rancid. Thankfully, aside from a very unpleasant or quite off taste and texture, they will not do you any harm.

But really, do you like stale cereal?

4. Beer

If you have some left over beer from this summer’s last barbeque and you somehow didn’t get around to drinking it until now, you should either give it to a friend or get to it. Keeping beer at room temperature is not really bad for the drink itself, but it can make it spoil faster. Yes, beer can get spoiled if you did not know.

If kept on a shelf for longer than four months, the light and heat will start having a bad effect on it, and air can slowly start seeping through the cap, making it spoil. It will not have the worst taste in the world, but you will definitely be able to sense something is off with the flavor. It’s better to keep beer refrigerated if you want the freshest taste after all.

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