6 Weird Themed Restaurants You Should Visit

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1. Aquarium Restaurant

With multiple locations, this unique themed restaurant makes the best out of its aquarium theme by serving seafood. A bit ironic if you ask us, especially since you eat the fish that you are there to admire. Nevertheless, it is an interesting theme and you get to make most of it! (Its weirdness comes from having to eat fish while surrounded by… fish.)

Customers are seated around a 200,000-gallon aquarium and they can admire the exotic fish, stingrays, sharks, and more! It gives everyone a chance to admire the ocean’s beauty while having a delicious dinner. Fish are definitely the center of attention as they are also part of the menu: from clam chowder to crab and lobster dishes, they have everything! They even have a mermaid show a few times a month, so you know they are serious about the water theme.

If you happen to be around Nashville, Denver, or Houston, you could “dive” in to explore! It never hurt anyone.

2. Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant

With three different locations, you can definitely plan to visit this restaurant. Their theme is, as the name suggests, a railroad! And it has been a site to not miss since it opened its doors to visitors in the mid-1960s.  You can sit at the red vinyl booths and admire all their railroad memorabilia: from crossroad signs to wooden train sets, they have everything. And their food is in accordance with the theme too! True and tried burgers, crinkle-cut fries, and thick ice cream milkshakes will make sure your experience is authentic.

The best part? The food comes on a ceiling-mounted train! The track is running around the restaurant and delivers the orders right to their designated table! Young or old, it is a sight to behold so make sure that if you have time you pay them a visit. They have two locations in Kansas and one in Missouri.

All aboard!

3. Mad Rex

Have you ever wondered what we will eat if an apocalypse strikes? With Hollywood so keen on the end of the world movies, you can’t help but imagine the worst scenario: eating out of cans and salvaged MREs from military compounds. Well, Mad Rex makes this post-apocalyptic world a little bit nicer than that as the restaurant in Philadelphia just took the theme and made it more glamourous.

The decor is based on scorched earth and they keep the aesthetic going with drinks being served in tin cans. The menu is nothing like a life or death situation, but they do have hearty proteins like a 14 ounce New York strip, which are made table side on hot lava rocks. The theme is meticulously stuck to, even with their signature cocktails, named like Vigilante and Flame Thrower.

One thing is for sure, you will definitely have an unforgettable meal!

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