7 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Grandparents

7 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Grandparents

Photo by A.PAES from Shutterstock | Lauryn Hill

3. Lauryn Hill (age 45)

The former member of Fugees, Lauryn Hill has six kids: four sons, namely Zion, Joshua, John, and Micah and two daughters, Selah and Sarah. Due to one of her sons, Zion Marley, she’s now a happy young grandma. Zion, Hill’s first born became a young dad (age 19) in 2017, making the famous singer a grandma at age 41.

Even if she is officially a grandmother, this beauty is most definitely one of the sexiest singers (and grandmas) in the U.S. Who says you can’t have both? 🙂

Photo by Denis Makarenko from Shutterstock | Jim Carrey

4. Jim Carrey (age 58)

Actor, comedian, writer, producer, artist, author and now celebrated painter—Jim Carrey is really good at all of them, but how about being a grandpa? Do you think he can handle it? Well… the answer is definitely YES. His daughter, Jane became a mom back in 2010, giving James Eugene Carrey the funniest grandpa in the world.

Maybe it’s hard for us to picture Jim Carrey as a grandfather due to his hilarious roles such as the Riddler (Batman Forever), Fletcher Reede (Liar Liar), Carl Allen (Yes Man), and, of course, Stanley Ipkiss (The Mask), but we are sure he’s doing a great job.

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