7 Clear Signs of a Bad Listener

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1. A poor listener often interrupts

It’s actually crystal clear that an individual who often interrupts is not a good listener. But have you ever noticed how a not-so-good listener tends to behave when he or she is not interested at all about the topic you’re discussing?

If the answer is no, we will simplify the things for you: When a poor listener wants to seem interested in what you’re saying, he or she will ask you questions with obvious answers and this is actually a form of interrupting.

Also, “some of us may have good intentions thinking we know what the other person is about to say and in an effort to bring them to the finish line, we complete the sentence for them,” explain James and Suzann Pawelski, co-authors of Happy Together: Using the Science of Positive Psychology to Build Love That Lasts.

“Even if we are accurate about what the person is about to say, interrupting is almost always perceived by others as very rude and intrusive. And at the end of the day, we are not mind readers. We should let the other person finish and give them the respect and time needed to finish stating their ideas.”

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7 Clear Signs of a Bad Listener

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