7 Clear Signs of a Bad Listener

7 Clear Signs of a Bad Listener

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2. A poor listener turns the conversation back to himself

Turning a conversation back to himself or herself is another evident sign that the person you’re confessing your deep dark secrets isn’t a great listener. Don’t be too hard on your friend, he or she might not even realize this problem.

Let’s imagine this scenario: After arriving from a great vacation in Europe, you invite your best friend for a coffee to tell him or her about the awesome adventures you’ve had. At some point of the conversation, he or she interrupts you by starting his or her 10-years-old Europe adventure. Not so cool, right?

“Many people aren’t actively listening to what someone else is saying, but rather waiting for the other person to finish so they can jump in and hijack the conversation,” note the Pawelskis.

“This is a negative behavior that can easily cause problems in professional and personal relationships because it comes across as selfish. When we immediately turn the focus of the conversation to ourselves, we are indirectly telling the other person that we don’t care about what they are saying.”

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