8 ‘Disposable’ Things You Can Easily Reuse

Photo by Erhan Inga from Shutterstock

Plastic containers

Another disposable item you should repurpose it is that plastic container from your mom. Don’t toss away cottage cheese or butter containers. They are perfect and super useful for keeping leftover meals sealed.

However, please do not use them in your microwave! We know, it sounds silly, but you would be surprised to know how many people reheat their food in plastic containers.

You can also use small plastic food containers for organizing your spices.

Gift bags

Don’t toss away the bags from your birthday. Fold them nicely to place them in a drawer. When a special occasion comes, you will be prepared. Wrapping paper can also be reused, just make sure to handle it carefully.

P.S.: Don’t forget to cut the old gift tags!

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