8 Effective Ways to Declutter Your Attic, According to Experts

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Create a plan 

Before you start the process of cleaning and organizing the attic, you have to create an efficient plan that will help you make things easier and faster. 

“What is your ultimate goal for the attic?” asks certified professional organizer Janet Bernstein. “Without a well-defined plan, you will end up with a mediocre result.”

If you want to prevent attic clutter, you should avoid storing clothes and other hand-me-downs there. “If you are regularly receiving hand-me-downs, make sure they’re actually useful as soon as you receive them,” says Lesley Spellman from The Clutter Fairy. “Try to avoid acquiring clothes years before they’ll fit your child, as it adds to the mess and you’ll often forget you have them.”


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Don’t store heavy suitcases

First of all, you have to store your ancient and heavy suitcases in another place, because they need a lot of space and are also difficult to manage. 

“Baggage allowances are very restrictive now, so ditch old, heavy suitcases in favor of lightweight ones,” says Lesley. “If loft space is tight, store smaller suitcases inside bigger ones.”

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