8 Effective Ways to Declutter Your Attic, According to Experts

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Sort items in another place

Before you start throwing away unnecessary things, you have to sort them all out so you can figure out what you will keep and what you won’t. But if you do this in the attic, it may be quite awkward considering that narrow space, so the best solution is to find another room, such as the hallway. All you have to do is to collect your things in a large box and then go to another room, feel comfortable and think about the things that are going to keep.  

“It can be difficult to do the organizing work in the attic, hunching over while trying to sort everything out,” says Mercari chief organizing expert Patty Morrissey. Instead, she recommends “[taking] everything out from the attic and [using] the hallway or another room in the house to sort things out.”

“Sort into [designated] categories to review what you want to keep and what you no longer need,” says certified professional organizer Kirsten Fisher, founder of Imagine Home Organization.


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Move your photos to another room

According to experts, many people tend to keep their photos in the attic, but this is one of the biggest mistakes, as the environment can affect their quality. So, try to find another place for them if you want to keep your memories intact. 

“The extreme fluctuations in temperature aren’t good for photo storage,” Lesley said. “Photos are better kept somewhere they can be enjoyed. Better still, consider digitizing your printed photos – if the task is too daunting, you can hire a personal photo organizer to help.”

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