8 Effective Ways to Declutter Your Attic, According to Experts

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Use dust covers

If you still want to store small luggage in your attic, you should use dust covers to protect them from dust and mites. “Dust covers are a simple way to keep your luggage looking fresh and ready for your next getaway,” says Groff. “Label the outside so you can grab the right suitcase and go!”

Also, make sure that everything is packed and handled with care. “I wouldn’t keep anything in my attic uncovered, without moth prevention or packed badly,” she says. “If you think it’s important enough to store, then do it properly, as the item could be there a while.”


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Keep your favorite items handy 

When organizing your attic, you have to make sure that your favorite items (those that you use the most) are handy. “Ensure the items that you need the most frequently are closest to the entrance to the attic,” says Bernstein. “Items that are once a year such as holiday decorations probably don’t need prime real estate in your storage area.”

Try to create some labels that remind you of what you have in certain boxes. “Once everything is put in bins and labeled, keep an inventory as a note on your smart phone or in a file in your office,” suggests Basher.

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