8 Famous Americans That Passed Away While on the Throne

La Jolla architecture design.
Photo by Andriy Blokhin – Shutterstock.com

8. Louis Kahn: Architect Died Of Heart Attack In Train Station Bathroom

Louis Kahn was one of America’s few celebrity architects. His designs were famous for their awe-inspiring size. They were monolithic and monumental, and one of his most well-known creations was the Salk Institute for Biological Studies located in San Diego, California.
After returning from a work trip to India, Kahn stopped by a restroom in Penn Sation, Manhattan where he suffered a fatal heart attack.

Despite his untimely death, he would always be remembered as the famed Architect that wasn’t afraid to go back-to-basics with his designs.

So, a word of advice, be careful when you use the restroom next, as you never know what sort of fate could befall you!

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