8 Mistakes That Make You a Target for Scammers

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4. Having online relationships with strangers

“By and large, the number one way people get targeted by scammers is looking for love online,” says private investigator Daniel McBride.

“It often begins with simple conversations on some platform and once the scammers see an opening they begin working their mark. Eventually, they might proposition a meet-up that requires travel expenses, share an elaborate and false tale that requires monetary assistance, and so on, to get their victim primed to allocate finances.”

McBride also says he has seen monetary losses up to $100,000, and that most victims have been females between the ages of 30-50 years old. If you want to date safely online, “verify you’re engaging with the person or organization you believe you’re interacting with,” he says.

“Cross-reference phone numbers, addresses, and any other pertinent information that’s relevant for your budding relationship.”

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