8 of the Worlds Most Secretive Military Bases

Image By SevenMaps From Shutterstock

Dulce Base

Apart from Area 51 and Area 6, there is another base closely associated with those pesky little green men, New Mexico’s Dulce base. A base so secretive that, unlike previous entries on this list, h
as never had it’s existence confirmed by the U.S. government. There has been much to fuel the speculation surrounding this mainly underground facility.

There have been many UFO sighting around the area over the years so the base has had a long history of mysterious goings on. One apparently explosive revelation came from former explosives engineer Phil Schneider when he claimed that while working on the construction of the base in the 1970’s he found aliens living underground. An all out war between the human race and this extraterrestrial species took place. I’m guessing we won or we would all be speaking martian right now.


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