8 Old-Fashioned Hobbies That Kill Quarantine Boredom

Photo by Agata Kowalczyk from Shutterstock

1. Origami

Origami or the art of paper folding became popular in 17th century Japan, that’s why is often associated with Japanese culture. The act of folding paper into incredible creations is now a form of entertainment which will probably never go out of style in terms of recreational activities.

Trevor Dieterle, a personal trainer and yoga instructor, said that he picked origami back up after the pandemic forced to shut down his studio. “It’s been pretty nostalgic. I found a stash of authentic Japanese origami paper that I had apparently been saving,” he said.

“Also dredged up some good memories that I had forgotten about. It’s really the perfect distraction, engages your mind and your hands,” he added.

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