8 Smart Ways to Cut Your Utility Bills During Summer

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1. Time is money

…so put money on your side. We are all used to say “I’m gonna take a quick shower,” especially during summer. However, as soon as you step into the shower for that “quick rinse,” you are completely lost in your thoughts, therefore, your quick shower translates into a 30-minutes one.

You should take into consideration that the average shower lasts approximately eight minutes and uses somewhere between 75 litres and 80 litres. However, experts recommend a five-minute shower. The simplest shower-shortening method is to use a timer, suggests Aliche.

You can also play your favorite song—you’ll know when it’s time to turn off the water in a pleasant way. “You might be surprised at how long your average shower lasts, and how easy it can be to save money on water, and the energy it takes to heat it, by simply shortening it a few minutes,” she says.

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