8 Smart Ways to Cut Your Utility Bills During Summer

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5. Watch out for “vampire energy”

Did you know that almost every appliance is using energy when it’s simply plugged in? For example, if you don’t unplug your TV, the standby light will stay on. Stand by power also known as “vampire power,” is basically the wattage of power consumed by your appliances while they are “switched off”.

However, when certain devices are still using energy even if they are switched off, they might be running essential activities or functions such as maintaining signal reception capability or monitoring temperature or other conditions.

“Anything that you have plugged into an outlet could silently be seeping off energy without you realizing it,” says Aliche. In order to deal with these vampires, she advises plugging electronics (except, obviously, appliances like your fridge) into an outlet strip, then unplugging the strip every night (turning it off isn’t enough).

Aliche also added that one of her clients used this piece of advice and ended up saving $30 a month. Great, right?

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