8 Vintage Photos of American Stores You Will Gladly Remember


Image Courtesy of Reddit

This one is for the history books. Up until 1980, all the soft drink bottles were made out of glass. Almost anything liquid up until milk cartons and the rise of the plastic packaging was made out of glass, and we think it was better back then. Not only could you reuse the bottles if you needed to, but you could always exchange them for a better deal at the store! If anything, the simple fact that they could be cleaned and reused by the company was a perk in itself. More eco-friendly and definitely less wasted materials. Plus, everything looked so symmetrical while on the shelf, it was quite beautiful to look at!


Image Courtesy of Reddit

Back in the 1960s, this would be a common occurrence. Our mothers would be walking down the aisles to grab whatever was needed with their hair still in curlers! It wasn’t anything shameful or weird, as some might think today. If anything, it is way better than how some teenagers are walking around grocery stores today, especially in summer. At least back then our mothers were still fashionably dressed and ready to hit the town later: they just had to take the curlers out of their hair. Who cares what your hair looks like when you’re grocery shopping anyway?

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