8 Vintage Photos of American Stores You Will Gladly Remember


Poland, Clifford H., photographer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Little did we know back then that this picture would be the start of something huge. This picture was taken back in 1918, but this specific grocery store was opened back in 1916, and it was the first self-service store to ever be opened in the United States. Piggly Wiggly Self-Service Grocery Store, from Memphis, Tennessee, was the first of its kind and the pioneer of what would later become a multi-million dollar industry in the form of supermarkets! We’re sure some have never even seen this picture before, despite it being a part of history!


Image Courtesy of State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory

This image is one of the few that are showing how one of the stores we think of as every day stops used to look back in the day: the surprise is that aside from the cars, there is nothing much different from how a supermarket parking lot looks today. We are sure some bad actors were saying these types of stores would not last more than a few years, but here is Publix Market back in 1961, 30 years after it was opened! The people who doubted this business model are definitely rolling over in their graves, as not only did this store survive more than they would have expected, but today it is a franchise that spans over seven states: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, or Virginia.

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