8 Vintage Photos of American Stores You Will Gladly Remember


Image courtesy of Reddit

Much like our friend from earlier, we have another amazing person sharing their family history! Here we have someone’s 2nd great-grandmother opening her grocery store! The date has not been mentioned but we can suppose it was sometime in around or right after 1946. What tipped us off? Tide detergent had started to be manufactured and introduced to the general public in 1946, and by the way, it is proudly presented alongside Ivory soap on the counter, which probably means it was already starting to be popular with the masses. Even so, we are proud of this person’s great-grandma for being an entrepreneur in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Image By John Vachon From the Library of Congress

This picture shows the truth of how businesses were started back in the day: not only could not everyone not afford to buy property on the street where all the businesses were. But it was also not good for all the stores to be concentrated in the same place. Back then, like today, all towns were spread out, and if you needed to get something you were out of luck if your partner was out with the car. You would have to walk a long time if you lived far away from the center of town.

This is why this person had a great idea and showed us what would happen: people would open shops right inside their houses! Convert your living room and put up some signs, you too could open up a shop. How legal this really was, we don’t truly know, but we hope they didn’t get in trouble. After all, they were trying to make a living and help their community!

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