9 Disputable Cases Of Transgender Kids

A 6-year-old girl is the first transgender person allowed to change identity under Argentinian law

In September 2013, a little girl named Luana, also known as Lulu, became the first (and youngest) transgender person to change identity in Argentina, under the country’s new Gender Identity Law.  The law allows the right to be identified by name and sex as defined by the individual.  Lulu’s mother, Gabriella, wrote to the governor of Buenos Aires, Daniel Scioli, as well as Argentinian president Cristina Kirchner.

She said her daughter, though born male, identified as a girl from the moment she was able to talk.  Lulu was denied before, but the Children, Youth and Family Secretary overturned the ruling and cited international human rights as the reason for the decision.  Scioli then approved Lulu’s application to change her name on her identity card and birth certificate.

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