9 Interesting Facts That Will Make Your Life Better

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Charles Darwin’s pet died recently

Well, it is believed that Charles Darwin had an exotic animal as a pet and it all started after his tour to Galapagos Islands when he brought back a five year old tortoise. He named his pet Harriet and it lived 176 years. So, Charles Darwin’s beloved pet lived its final years as part of the family of Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin in Australia until it passed away in 2006.


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You spend a part of your life at traffic lights

Did you know that you spend about six months waiting for the red lights to turn green? It literally means that we all spend a part of our lives waiting at the traffic lights. So, driving can be a relaxing and sometimes even useful activity, until you get stuck at a red light, though.

According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials, the average time that we spend waiting at a red light is about 75 seconds and it actually means twenty percent of your driving experience. So, if you have ever wondered what you are doing in a day, the answer is: waiting almost all day for the red lights to turn green – What can I say? such a fun activity…

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