9 Interesting Facts That Will Make Your Life Better

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There are people who suffer from cherophobia, the fear of being happy

Cherofobia – or aversion to happiness or simply fear of happiness – is an attitude towards happiness in which people voluntarily avoid some activities or experiences that can lead to happiness or other positive emotions. So, people who suffer from this phobia refuse to participate in fun activities and they often reject some opportunities that can bring success. Well, it is believed that this mental illness should be treated with medicine, love and therapy.


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You can actually hear the heartbeats of whales from miles away

Yes, this fact is real, namely that you can hear the heartbeat of a whale from miles away, but not every whale, of course, but the blue variety. The blue whale is the largest animal in the world and weighs up to 150 tons and measures up to 90 feet long.

Being the largest animal in the world, the amazing blue whale has a huge body and its heart is the size of a car that weighs about 1300 pounds. Moreover, its heart only beats eight to ten times per minute, so you can hear its heartbeat from up to two miles away.

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