Are You Celebrating Halloween at Home? Here Are 5 Spooky Ideas!

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Plan a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

We’re guessing most trick-or-treat plans are out the window for you too, unless your community has figured out a way to stay safe during Halloween.

A fun alternative is to create a scavenger hunt in your own home or backward. This will be an added bonus if you’ve turned your home into a haunted house, too.

You could even use hollow plastic eggs if you’ve got any left from Easter. Just make sure to paint them over with Halloween designs such as bats, jack-o’-lanterns or Frankenstein heads. Why? Trust us, if you’re planning on playing outside you don’t want a fistful of wet treats! Ew!

What are you planning on doing this Halloween? Let us know in the comments down below and inspire others with spooky ideas!

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