Babies Born in Recent Years Won’t Understand These 12 Things You Grew up With

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2. Hailing a Taxi

Virtually any movie that takes place in New York City has the iconic hailing a taxi scene. We’re willing to bed that in a few years when kids grow up and watch these movies, they’ll be incredibly confused!

Thanks to Uber and Lyft, getting a ride to your destination has never been easier. In just a few taps, you can have a driver at your doorstep in minutes. If anything, this gets rid of the indignity of having a cab drive by you while your hand is still up in the air…

3. Paying With Plastic

There used to be a time where paying in cash was the norm. Then, slowly but surely, we started paying with plastic. Some people may still say that cash is king but in everyday life, we still mostly pay with our cards.

Google Pay and Apple Pay started becoming more and more popular, especially nowadays when keeping our hands clean is vital to our health- thanks but no thanks, Coronavirus. Kids born today will likely mostly pay with their phones as they grow older as the trend will continue to skyrocket.

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