Babies Born in Recent Years Won’t Understand These 12 Things You Grew up With

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8. Enjoying Privacy and Anonymity

The moment a baby is born, social media feeds are flooded with pictures. Now, we get it, the excitement of being a parent and having a baby is something anyone would want to share with the world, but some parents definitely take it a step further by documenting everything about their children- where and when they sleep, what they eat, drink, how they bump their heads on countertops or figure out how to walk…

So kids born nowadays are already at a disadvantage since they have no say in what gets shared. Hopefully, as they grow older, they will understand the importance of privacy and anonymity!

9. Calling on a Pay Phone

Imagine, a few years down the line, you’re going to explain to your kid or grandkid that back in the day, not everyone had a phone in their pocket. If they were out and about they had to find a payphone to contact their friends or families.

According to PayPhoneBox, there are only 61 remaining phone boxes in the U.S., while only 2 remain in Canada. New York City planned on removing all of them in the spring of 2020. It won’t be long until they all disappear entirely.

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