Did You Know these 27 Celebrities Were Republican?

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Ted Nugent

A huge advocate for the NRA and the Republican Party, Ted Nugent once went as far as to say that liberals should shot like “rabid coyotes.”

Due to making cryptic, threatening statements about President Barack Obama in 2012, he was even investigated by Secret Service. Nowadays, you’ll find his social media filled with posts skewering Democrats.

No matter what anyone’s political views are, we can’t agree with threatening messages!

Jon Voight

Did you know that Jon Voight is the most vocal supporter of Donald Trump in the film industry? He endorsed Trump in 2016 and 2020, going as far as to make Twitter posts, calling on all Republicans to go out and vote in order to help keep him in office.

He’s also going to star alongside conservative Dennis Quaid in the upcoming Ronald Reagan biopic.

Dean Cain

A Republican and a staunch Second Amendment supporter, Dean Cain of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman said that he is fully supportive of Donald Trump during an interview with Lara Trump. He’s even said that he has complete faith in Trump’s plans to help America recover form the Coronavirus pandemic.

Not only that, he appeared in the the pro-Trump theater production FBI Lovebirds: Undercover, and has been a guest host on Fox & Friends.

Jerry Bruckheimer

Known for Top Gun, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Beverly Hills Cop, Pirates of the Caribbean and the National Treasure franchises, Jerry Bruckheimer is an outspoken Republican. In 2016 he called Trump “very smart” and he’s made major donations to Mitt Romney and John

McCain during their campaigns. Not only that, he praised and still continues to praise President George Bush.

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