Do You Know What These 11 Former Celebrities Are Doing Now?

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Rick Moranis

Beloved “Ghostbusters” star Rick Moranis looked like he was going to have a long career ahead of him. Known also for “Little Shop of Horrors” the actor was taking Hollywood by storm. But then, when tragedy struck in his family, it all came to an end. His wife, Ann, died of breast cancer in 1997, effectively ending Morain’s Moranis’ career.

He chose to focus on being a stay-at-home dad, though he did get some work in here and there by voice acting.

However, it looks like he’s finally able to come back to the big screens. A reboot of the popular ‘89 family movie “Honey, I shrunk The Kids” titled “Shrunk” is currently in pre-production with Moranis starring as Wayne Szalinski.

Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman’s acting career spanned over 6 decades, and with two Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, one Screen Actors Guild Award, and two BAFTAs under his belt, it’s surprising he retired when he did.

Still, the star of “The Poseidon Adventure,” “The Royal Tenenbaums,” and “The French Connection” started focusing on writing instead. The police thriller “Pursuit” is among the many novels he’s published ever since he stopped his acting career, and we recommend you pick one of his books up when you’re out looking for something new to read while you’re cooped up inside!

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