5 Doctors Who Destroyed Their Patients During Surgery

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1. Breast surgery due to fake cancer 

A 49-year-old woman named Eduvigis Rodriguez suffered a mastectomy due to a severe cancer lump that was found in her left breast in April 2015.

The infected body part was removed and she felt alright until doctors ran some post-surgery tests on her amputated breast and realized the patient didn’t actually have cancer, but it was only a benign growth of extra tissue.

As a way to make things right, Rodriguez opted for a reconstructive breast intervention. In conformity with court records, the woman also underwent pulmonary embolism and surgical hernia due to the mastectomy.

2. Reproductive organs removal instead of appendix

In 2015, a woman from the United Kingdom went to a hospital that was managed by the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust and told them she feels a strong abdominal pain.

Doctors ran some tests to find out what her issue was and they discovered that she had appendicitis. The woman was scheduled for the intervention, but the doctor who performed it made a mistake and removed an ovary and fallopian tube instead of the appendix.

The surgeon didn’t seem so affected by his “never event”. He apologized and blamed the whole thing on poor vision. According to sources, this woman wasn’t the only patient who suffered a lot because of his “confused” situations. 

3. Testicles removal surgery went wrong

In 2013, a man named Steven Hanes underwent surgery at J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania, in order to get rid of the right testicle, which was damaged.

During the surgery, the doctor got confused and removed the left testicle instead of the other one. The medic stated that he made the wrong decision due to the fact that somehow, his testicles switched their position.

The patient decided to take some legal action against both the doctor who performed the surgery and the hospital and he received $870,000.

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