Famous People Who Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

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12. Daniel Dae Kim

The actor Daniel Dae Kim revealed his coronavirus diagnosis in a Instagram video, in which he explained that he’s been in isolation in his home in Hawaii since last Sunday. “For the past several weeks I was in New York shooting a role on a TV series where — ironically — I play a doctor who gets recruited to a hospital to help patients during a flu pandemic,” Kim said.

He returned home after production on the show was suspended, adding that he was asymptomatic during that time period. Kim quarantined himself in a room at home, but reported tightness in his chest, body aches, and a fever before deciding to get tested.

Although he never went to a hospital, Kim said he was on bed rest for days. “For all those out there — especially teenagers and millennials — who think this is not serious, please know that it is,” Kim warned, adding, “And if you treat this without care, you are potentially endangering the lives of millions of people, including your loved ones.”

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