Got COVID-19 While On Vacation? Here’s What To Do

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If you test positive while outside the U.S.

If you plan to travel internationally, coming back to the U.S. if you test positive can become very challenging.

Firstly, before coming back to the U.S., no matter your vaccination status, you need to have a negative test, 72 hours before embarking in your flight.

If you test negative, there are no issues for you. But, if you’re positive, then you need to wait a bit more to come back to the States.

However, that’s the least of your concerns right now. Click to the next page to see what other information you should keep in mind.


Besides the fact that you will have to wait some more time before coming back to American soil, you will also have to break the bank as well, because you will be supporting all of the additional costs.

The basic travel health insurance won’t cover the costs. Yes, you read that right, which is why authorities advise us to purchase a pandemic specific travel insurance.

Some countries REQUIRE you to have it before embarking on your trip.

Learn what exactly you should be doing after you found out you’re positive DAYS before your flight back home at the next page.

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