How To Avoid The Danger Of Farts On Your First Date

Maintain a sense of humor


Admit it: There’s a lot that’s funny about this. And, if it all works out? You’ll have a pretty amusing story to tell your grandkids someday. If there’s absolutely no denying that you’re the one who cut the cheese, break the tension and awkwardness with a joke. Psychologist Helen Odessky has a good, down-to-earth response, “Glad we got that out of the way — we can both pretend to be human now!” Relationship coach and MD Dr. Mo’s line of choice is, “I’m clearly comfortable with you — that’s grounds for a second date already!” Dating and relationship coach Christine Baumgartner suggests saying, “I bet you’re relieved I went first!” And I’ll let you snag my personal favorite, “Believe it or not, that’s actually a mating call for some species. Is it working?”

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