Look for These 12 Thrift Store Finds That You Can Sell for a Hefty Profit

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1. Pyrex

These unassuming looking dishes could very well deceive you, as they have deceived those who brought them to the thrift store in the first place! There’s just something about them that modern cooks love- and we’re willing to be it has something to do with the slightly vintage look!

You could easily find several dishes or full sets at your local thrift store. In terms of individual dishes, hold on to them and try to look for other items in the set before you sell them on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Craigslist.

Visit Pyrex Love for more info on these vintage dishes!

2. Silver

Look, we won’t promise that you’ll find a full set of real sterling silver items in your local thrift shop. But if you’re lucky and you pay attention, you may find the odd piece- maybe a spoon or a fork.

The trick here is to play the long game. Buy any real silver items you find and build up a collection before you even consider selling it on eBay in order to make a real hefty profit.

There are also plenty of YouTube videos and eBay forums that can help you on your search, so make sure you’ve read up a bit on what to expect and what to look for before heading out!

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1 thought on “Look for These 12 Thrift Store Finds That You Can Sell for a Hefty Profit”

  1. I found Excelent Chrystal wine and champagne flutes
    The lates Trent is to have diferente glasses when setting the diner table as well as plates and cutlery
    You may have a beautiful set of a variety of dishes this makes a great conversation during the meal comparing who have what

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