Look for These 12 Thrift Store Finds That You Can Sell for a Hefty Profit

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7. Le Creuset Cookware

If you stumble upon a Le Creuset cast iron pot, count yourself lucky. These colorful, heavy pots are any cook’s dream because, quite frankly, they last forever. Brand new, they cost upwards of hundreds of dollars!

They’re incredibly versatile too. You can use them to slow-cook a stew, make no-knead bread, or even stir-fry!

Look for the Le Creuset name in the kitchenware aisle, but also make sure to do proper research before you commit to a purchase.

8. Instant Pots

Look for Instant Pots! These versatile finds combine the powers of pressure cookers, slow cookers, yogurt makers, and even rice steamers in one, so it’s no wonder they could sell for quite a lot. Or, of course, you can keep your pot and use it around the house without the fear of kitchen explosions!

You’d be surprised how many people bring their instant pots to the thrift store, often without even taking them out of the box, likely because they’re worried about kitchen accidents. If you’re lucky, you might find one in the small0appliances section of your local thrift store!

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