Need Help Organizing? Use These 10 Amazing Thrift Finds!

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7. Flowerpots

Flowerpots are probably the most versatile items on this list because they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re great for organizing make-up brushes, kitchen utensils and other small items indoor.

Outdoors, you can use them to store gardening tools, garden hoses or use the really big concrete planters for a chic place to keep your firewood.

8. Muffin Tins

Vintage muffin tins are great when you need to organize all sorts of small stuff, like jewelry such as rings, earrings, broaches and pendants.

Do you have a home office? Use these for binder clips, push pins, rubber bands, paper clips and even keys. If you have a workroom, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of small items to store too.

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