Need Help Organizing? Use These 10 Amazing Thrift Finds!

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9. Magazine Racks

Since magazines are slowly becoming obsolete, thrift stores around you will likely have a lot of magazine racks on sale. These are particularly great in the kitchen if you’ve run out of cupboard space, especially if you need a place to store rolling pins, baking sheets or cutting boards for easy access.

But they also work great in the bathroom to hold a whole host of supplies such as bath towels, bath mats and even extra toilet paper.

10. Metal Gym Lockers

The last items on our list, metal gym lockers, might seem like a strange pick but they’re actually great for storing coats and boots in mudrooms, especially between seasons. They’re also great for sports equipment.

Just keep in mind that they’re pretty top heavy, so it’s best to anchor them to drywalls, especially if you have small children running around the house.

And, there you have it, we hope you liked our 10 inspirational thrift buys that can help you organize your home! Comment down below to let us know what you think!


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