The Favorite Food Obsessions of 22 U.S. Presidents

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10. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Did you know that Eisenhower was a fine cook? Who would have thought that the former war general (and hero) enjoyed cooking meals for his family members and friends? His specialties were stews. His well-known favorite dish was the beef stew cooked by him.

11. John F. Kennedy

We all know that John F. Kennedy came from a wealthy family, and that’s why we might think that his food tastes were extravagant. Well, if you thought so, you were right! The Kennedy era arrived with the classic French cuisine as well. One of the first cooking shows (Cook’s Night Out) went on air during his presidency.

Along with French cuisine, Kennedy also enjoyed some New England staples like clam chowder.

12. Lyndon B. Johnson

Growing up on a normal farm in Texas said a lot about Lyndon B. Johnson’s food tastes. According to the book called “The White House Family Cookbook,” written by Henry Haller, the president’s favorite food was actually plain biscuits. He liked them so much that the first lady decided to put them on every day’s presidential menu.

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